Laser Eyes Club


Laser Eyes Club is a community whose main vision is to fight scams, educate everyone about blockchain and create various utility products

Our first tool, Laser Eyes Scan helps you avoid fraud and rugs projects

What is LaserEyes (LASEREYES)?

Let us introduce about Laser Eyes and LASEREYES Token.

Due to the rise of cryptocurrency adaptation, lots of new projects are launching on both BSC and ETH ecosystems. Because of the decentralized nature and lack of regulation in this space many projects are doing rug pulls and scams and running away with the investor's money. Our Vision is to clean this space from rugs and scams and make it safe for investors to invest in any project of their choice

To fight this rug/scams, Laser Eyes came up with an automated tool where you can enter the contract address of any Dx Sale to get an automated analysis of the same. It is currently in the BETA version currently.

Laser Eyes token will be used for service fees and airdrop rewards. One will be required to hold the Laser Eyes tokens to use the platforms. LASEREYES tokens offer features such as auto LP, static rewards, and auto burn on every transaction. LASEREYES is a deflationary token with real use case Beta Version's first product laser eyes scan ( is already out and it is being used by many to detected scams and rugs on the Dx Sale presale.

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Let us now look at some more use cases Laser Eyes will work on

Laser Eyes Scan is an automated tool for scanning a smart contract. Laser Eyes Scan allows you to check source code for scam functions, LP status, ownership status. More features such as checking dev wallet history, etc will be implemented soon.

Laser Eyes Portfolio Manager

Laser Eyes Club will create a portfolio manager app which will allow a user to track their portfolio. It will also show the price of the tokens whose price is not available on Trust wallet or Metamask.

Laser Eyes Education

Laser Eyes Club will create a learning platform with amazing content where users can learn about cryptocurrencies and get airdrop to learn. Users will be able to understand how blockchain works. Users will learn about DeFi, NFT, Cryptocurrencies, etc

Laser Eyes Locker

Laser Eyes Club will create a locker service so that projects can lock their liquidity and tokens for a competitive price. It will stop them from rug-pulls and prevent investors from scams.

Laser Eyes Audit Service

Laser Eyes Club will launch an audit service for smart contracts. The audit will be complete and will assure investors about the technical and fundamentals of the project.


77% in Sale & LP, 10% locked for manual burns, 5% dev wallet locked for dev and team expansion and, 8% marketing and Airdrop wallet.

Total Supply = 1 Quadrillion

Road Map

Q3 2021
— Listing on Pancakeswap, Laser eyes scan upgrade, marketing drives, Listing on Coin gecko, Listing on Coinmarketcap. 
Q3 2021
— Laser Eyes Scan will be upgraded to scan & analyse all smart contracts. 
Q3 2021
— Laser Eyes will launch its own Audit Service. 
Q4 2021
— Team expansion, In house auditing service, Education platform beta release. Listing on Whitebit, Bitmart, MXC, & Various other partnerships
Q4 2021
— PRODUCT LAUNCH - Portfolio management application & Locker Service.
Q2 2022
— Listing on Major Exchanges, NFT ecosystem development
Q2 2022
— PRODUCT LAUNCH - Laser Eyes will launch its own crypto education platform. Learn & get airdrops.

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